Our team is passionate about providing quality service to our Effect Family Members. We care about helping and motivating our family reach their fitness goals. 


keundric "Dooley" loucious

Visionary and Driving Force behind E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness, LLC. 

  • 4 Year Starting Running Back for Southern Arkansas University 
  • Four sport standout experience in Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track & Field
  • Passionate about training and giving clients consistent results
  • No-nonsense approach that makes you feel comfortable yet give your all
  • Offers: Personal Training & Bootcamp Classes  



Reginald "Reggie" ball

Key Trainer for E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness, LLC

  • Former Detroit Lions Player 
  • Former record-breaking quarterback for Georgia Tech
  • Goal: Pass on valuable lessons from football career to aspiring athletes
  • Offers: Personal Training, Athletic Training (on and offseason) & Bootcamp classes.  

Jamie Johnson 

Personal Trainer for E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness

  • Originally from Stone Mountain, GA 
  • Passionate about helping women confront and conquer life's obstacles through health and fitness
  • Specializes in weightloss, endurance & strength training, children's fitness, group training, and bootcamp. 
  • Capable of training clients with injuries
  • Provides meal plan guidance and nutritional assistance  

Nick Miller 

Personal Trainer for E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness

  • Over 9 years of training experience
  • Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology - Focus on Rehabilitation, as well as, injury prevention 
  • Passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Former professional football player who is immensely gratified when a client meets and surpasses their goal. 
  • Provides monthly meal plans which includes shopping list, 7 day meal guides, recipes, and portion size information. 

Carlos Daniels 

Personal Trainer for E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness

  • Passionate about helping people learn fitness as a lifestyle and supporting clients along their journey. 
  • Specializes in establishing lifestyle changes and catering the training experience based on level of fitness knowledge
  • Able to train clients with injuries 
  • Offers meal plans and meal guides 

Curtis Hayes 

Personal Trainer for E.F.F.E.C.T Fitness

  • From Atlanta, GA 
  • Passionate about transforming all body types 
  • Specializes in body fat reduction, sculpting, and meal plans 
  • Best with Gym Rats (those accustomed to intense workouts) and clients who want to lose weight, tone/tighten, and increase strength, muscle, and stamina.